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Rope Lighting: 3 Uses Many People Don’t Consider


LED rope lighting is perhaps one of the most underrated lighting options out there. It is an incredibly easy, affordable, and energy-efficient way to create soft lighting that adds to the ambiance of a space, both outdoors and indoors. Although primarily used a decorative lighting fixture, rope lighting can also be used for various other purposes, including under-cabinet lighting, bathroom vanity lighting, garden lighting, and so much more.

Rope lighting has been around for a long time. I have been in the holiday and lighting industry for 34 years and rope lighting has been in use all these years. We still provide incandescent rope lighting but now rope lighting has moved to LED, like all lighting in the 21st century.

Our company provides rope lighting in custom cuts as well as full spools and its usages are many. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you could incorporate this product into your everyday lives.

  • Party Lighting

I use rope lighting at parties to highlight a food or drink table. Just weaving it in between the various food dishes or bar area for the party adds a festive look while also lighting up a temporary situation.

You can wrap posts and pillars for a fun, festive look while setting the mood for the event.

If you are incorporating a tent for the party, there is nothing better to give temporary lighting than lining the frame with rope lighting.

Do you have guests walking through areas not normally lit at night? Use rope lighting to line the walk area. This is a fun way to give direction and also allow your guests to move around safely. Temporarily lining outdoor stairways provides direction and safety as well.

  • Bathroom Lighting

Use rope lighting on the underside of the vanity to give your bathroom a soft glow so that your guests know where everything is placed. Also, when you wake up in the middle of the night, it will keep you from turning on a brighter and harsher light in the master suite and waking up your partner.

  • Kitchen Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is now a must-have in updated kitchens. The LED rope lighting is easily hidden under the cabinetry and helps to bring out the beauty of your granite counter tops while adding additional lighting to areas that normal kitchen lighting might miss.

Shop for premium-quality rope lighting at affordable prices, only at Nida Lighting. Browse through our online store to choose from custom cut rope lights in a variety of colors and styles. Shop now.

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