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With LED Holiday Lighting costing much more then the Old Incandescent Holiday Lighting what color should I choose?


This is such a subjective decision but let’s cover some points.

Kids like color! That is unquestioned. So if you are buying the lights with you kids in mind. More than likely they would prefer multi-color.

Adults like white lights! If you did a survey of adults the majority, by a wide margin, would choose a clear, white, warm white bulb.

What light strand to use on our tree? If you are like me and have a tremendous amount of decoration you might choose a warm white because the decorations are already adding the color. If you have a theme for your tree or you are using a certain colored bulb on the tree than you might look to match it. An example might be red ornaments with red light strands. If you have young children or like the tradition of colored lights on your tree than multi-colored will be a great fit.

Lighting outside: Some ideas to consider would be to use solid colors on various trees and bushes. Do one in a solid green, another in red, another in a solid yellow, etc., Can I mix color with clear or white lights? Absolutely, doing your roof lines or windows in a white light and then using the colors in the landscape will look great. EVEN using a flood light on your house and outlining the roof line is quite OK. The flood lights will not hurt the affect you’re looking to create by lining the roofline.

I want to use the lights with a garland decoration? I prefer white, warm white or solid colors to create the look you are trying to create with the garland. If you are adding addition décor to the garland such as pinecone picks or ornaments the accent colors might dedicate what color you use. Remember, white goes with everything as well as in this situation.

RGB lighting or App driven strands! For the person who wants to take the colors of their holiday lighting to another level they might consider using light strands that can be changed from color to color and from function to function. The use of a downloadable application to your cell phone can also control the colors and functions the light will do or create. Your children might love this, you can impress others with the various colors and actions the strands can do if this is something that you like. The more techier the better! Just keep in mind, purchase these from a holiday lighting and display company that can help you with your questions and probably have a better lighting system then a BIG box store. You will also need additional equipment to run these lights. Having someone like Nida Lighting walk you through the process or be there when you need assistance is invaluable.

Hope some of the ideas we presented are helpful

Dean Nida

Nida Lighting.

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