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Will there be a shortage of Holiday Décor and Lighting available for the 2021 Season? Will this affect your cost?


The Christmas Season is just around the corner and most people do not know that availability of standard supplies like spools of lights, replacement bulbs and strands are in short supply.

Many suppliers are still waiting for their orders/containers to arrive. The cost of a 40 foot container, if you could find one, have increased 500% in some case. The container that cost $4,500.00 before is now costing over $20,000+.

There are ships sitting on harbors on the West cost waiting to get into port and the staffing to handle the influx of ships is reduced. The “word” is that the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have over 40+ ships waiting daily to be allowed to come in and unload. The big box stores who may own their own ships and containers are redirecting the ships to other ports.

Because of the increase in the container cost the cost of product in most cases has been increased an average of 10% and discounts normally on garland products have been eliminated by some suppliers because of the space they take up in a container. Standard items that importers would have in stock before now have not arrived. They are still waiting for their shipments and have no definite time of arrival of their orders.

What has caused this situation. Well, last season, because of Covid the shipping industry took a hit because of the reduction of the shipments. That loss is being recouped this season. Second, there is a shortage of staffing involved in not only unloading the ships but those working in customs and even the freight lines. This may be a one season issue, but it is real and has become a serious issue.

You may have heard of the “old urgency close”. But what I will say is that the sooner you determine your needs for the Holiday Season and get your request in, the better your chances of receiving your order and receiving it on a timely basis.

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Dean Nida

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