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Sollos Mushroom Path Light - An Easy Way to Jazz Up Your Backyard


Think it’s time to add some glamor to your backyard? If you’re looking to give your backyard an elegant touch with some lighting but don’t want to install anything permanent, the Sollos Mushroom Path Light is ideal. The small and simple design of this path light makes it easy to fit anywhere and very versatile in terms of how you can use it. It comes with rechargeable batteries, so all you need to do is charge it up and it will be ready to go whenever you are! Don’t forget that if you’re looking for a long-lasting solution, the Mushroom Path Light comes with an extended warranty period of up to five years!

The Benefits of Path Lighting

Path lighting can help create a sense of security, safety and comfort for your garden or backyard. With path lighting, you'll never have to worry about tripping over the garden hose again! Lighting up your home exterior can also make it more welcoming, which is especially important during the winter months when you might not be able to enjoy being outside as much. What's more, path lighting can add an elegant touch to a well-groomed backyard without making it look too formal.

The Different Types of Path Lights

There are many different types of path lights, each with their own unique design and use. A few popular types of path lighting include lamp posts, bollards, and mushroom lights. Lamp posts are typically tall poles that have a light at the top and can be used to light up a large area. Bollards are short metal poles that have one or more lights attached on top of them and can be used to provide some extra light in an area where there is not much ambient light.

Why the Sollos Mushroom Path Light is the Best Choice

The Sollos Mushroom Path Light is the perfect way to jazz up your backyard this summer. With a low profile design and sleek, modern look, it can be placed in the ground or mounted on a wall. Plus, you don't have to worry about it being too bright because the light is soft and diffuse! These lights come with LED bulbs that last up to 50,000 hours longer than an incandescent bulb. You won't have to change bulbs for a long time!

How to Install the Sollos Mushroom Path Light

1. Remove the old light fixture and replace it with the new one.

2. Connect the wires, making sure to match up the colors of the wire nuts with their corresponding wires.

3. Place your Sollos Mushroom Path Lights in a straight line from where you want them to be spaced on your path or walkway, and place them about two feet apart from each other.

4. Place an extension cord in between each light; plug them into an outlet.

5. Turn off the breaker for your lights to avoid any electric shock hazards, then turn the breaker back on when installation is complete.

6. Enjoy your newly lit pathway!

Sollos Mushrooms come in both white and black to match any decor, and are made from resin that won’t rust or fade. That means it will look just as good 10 years from now as it does today. Order your path lights from Nida Lighting right away!

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