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Tips To Deck Your Christmas Tree Like A Pro


Christmas is in the air, and the preparations are on. Walking past people’s porches and driveways and looking at the beautiful decorations and giant outdoor Christmas trees is a sight to behold. You’re thinking of putting up your tree and decorations, planning all the festive gatherings, and organizing the food. With plenty on your plate, we thought we’d give you a hand in figuring out your tree décor.

The best Christmas trees are adorned with many family memories and traditions, including ornaments passed on through generations as heirlooms. Nearly everyone knows the components of adorning a Christmas tree: lights, garland, tinsel, and ornaments. However, the possibilities are endless when designing a holiday tree that reflects your taste, personality, heritage, and environment.

At Nida Lighting, we’ve taken the liberty to show you easy ways to decorate your Christmas tree like a professional, filled with festive spirit:

Purchase A High-Quality Artificial Tree

Premium-quality Christmas trees offer dependable and solid support for ornaments. You’ll discover that high-quality artificial trees by Nida Lighting are more resilient and can withstand repeated use year after year while still maintaining their lovely appearance.

Choose a classic tree rather than one driven by trends to prevent it from becoming outdated after a few years. Additionally, a conventional style gives you the ideal foundation to add and decorate. Remember to fluff out those branches and leaves to give your tree an authentic and fuller look.

Purchasing a pre-lit 7ft tall giant artificial Christmas tree saves time from untangling all those lights, making them a perennial household favorite. The tall synthetic trees can be taken down in segments, making them convenient to store. If you feel like adding more layers, we offer 2ft segments that can be attached easily to your existing artificial tree!

Theme And Color Palette

A unified aesthetic ties the whole look together. Choose a theme to set the mood and get ideas for adorning your tree. Create a color palette to bring your theme to life after you’ve chosen it.

To keep the look minimal and not cluttered, stick to up to two colors. Classic color combinations include blue and silver for an icy chilly effect, layers of hues of white and soft neutrals for a classy look, or red and gold if you’d like to keep things traditional. Consider textures and materials as well. A luxurious tree looks excellent with velvet ornaments, while a simple one looks best with paper and wooden ornaments.

Balance Your Décor

With plenty of items to choose from, ensure your decorations are well-distributed. It’s best to start at the top and make your way down. Group three ornaments of various sizes together to create texture and flair. Either use similar pieces or pick ones that contrast with one another. To add depth, hang large ornaments closer to the center, and place smaller ones at the ends of the branches. Hang small glass ornaments from the top to avoid any breakages. To make sure they are seen, add the unique ones last.

Not only can we help you with your outside lighting through the year when it comes the Holiday Season, we also provide additional holiday lighting and decor or the bulbs to change to Holiday Colors such as red, green, white or multi colors to show your Holiday Spirit.

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