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Our Menorah collection is ideal for both indoor & outdoor use. These Menorahs are simple yet beautiful offering a sophisticated look that you would love to display. They can be placed on tables, in windows, inside malls, or even displayed outside....

Our indoor display Menorahs range from 3 to 12 foot in size while outdoor display Menorahs are 6,9, and 12 feet tall.

Easy to assemble, our Menorahs come with a storage bag that has individual sleeves for each arm of the Menorah. To make storage of the Menorah easy, these bags also have a handle and wheels.

These Menorahs have a PC board that automatically adds a new light to the Menorah every 24 hours. They also come with 6-inch LED “Watt Chimney” bulbs made specifically for the Menorah display.

Our extensive line of outdoor lighted Menorahs has been expanded to include 18” and 24” to meet every outdoor decoration menorah need. A new aspect is a 3-foot Dreidel with RGB remote control that can flash or strobe in brilliant colors. What’s more, an LED sign and a candle conversion kit for lighting with real flames in order to say “The Holiday Blessings for Lighting” is also available. Ask about availability.

Frequently asked questions and answers:
Q: Is Indoor Menorah base included with the Menorah?
A: You will need an outside ground insert for outside installation.

Q: Is it difficult to install with the ground base?
A: No, a maintenance person of any building will have no problem installing the Menorah.

Q: Can an indoor Menorah be used outside?
A: Yes, but we do not recommend using an inside Menorah outside.

Q: Are the Chimneys included?
A:No, the Chimneys for the Menorah are an additional cost.

q: Do I need to use your bulbs?
A: No, our Menorahs can work with other bulbs but our bulbs are designed ONLY for our Menorahs.

Q: Do I have to climb a ladder to light the Menorah candles?
A: No, there is an automatic lighting control unit built directly into the main stem of the Menorah. Simple press the manual /auto button to light.

Q: Does it rust?
A: No, it is made of aluminum.

Q: Can I order lost parts?
A: Yes, we have replacement parts but if you use your storage bag this should not be an issue for our Menorahs.
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