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Giant Trees

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Almost every city, community, or organization with a Holiday-Christmas program has a giant outdoor Christmas tree as its centerpiece. For each location, the “official” Holiday-Christmas season usually begins with the lighting of these giant trees.

In the past and still today, these giant trees are either planted specifically for Christmas or cut down and hauled to the lighting location and erected. Many times, planted trees grow asymmetrically. Moreover, cut down trees are heavy to erect, which further poses the problem of keeping them safely erected. If you know, these trees weigh thousands of pounds and if toppled could kill or seriously injure someone and can wreak havoc to the surrounding properties.

Another common issue with giant cut evergreen trees is that many people in the community want to donate their tree. As a result, your phone just keeps ringing with offers. Once a giant outdoor Christmas tree is selected, lighting it in a professional manner is another major hurdle....

Considering the problems people face with giant live or cut trees, we came up with commercial holiday-Christmas trees. These giant artificial Christmas trees completely rule out the risks that live or cut trees possess. 

Today, the cost of these commercial giant outdoor Christmas trees are comparatively less. What’s more, just like live trees, you can increase their height each year by 2-foot sections. Just start with an affordable size and add to their size every year until you reach the desired size.

People often assume that storing a commercial giant artificial Christmas tree is difficult. Yes, it does take up space but it comes in sections, making it easy to store in a compact manner.

You may wonder about the benefits of a giant LED Christmas tree. First, it’s symmetrical. So, NO UGLY TREE. Second, the lights are evenly attached to it and strands can be replaced by removing the branch, removing the lights from it, and putting it back in its place.

Earlier, a giant outdoor Christmas tree lights needed 120 amps to run. Now, with LED bulbs and strands, almost all LED trees can be lit with a single 30 amp breaker or less.

Our Giant Commercial Holiday-Christmas trees are available in traditional evergreen, custom designs, and unique designs. ALL of them can be programmed to put on a light show to music, which brings people to the community to view your unique event and for photo opportunities. 

Let us help you to select the best giant commercial Holiday-Christmas tree for your Season.


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