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Began in 1988, Nida Lighting marked a phase of rapid growth when it went from hanging Christmas Lighting to selling Christmas displays & Lighting, to designing holiday displays to manufacturing holiday displays, pole mount displays and Menorah decors by 1993. 

31 years later, we, at Nida Lighting, still know how to build displays but now we work only with the best Holiday displays manufacturers in the US and China. However, we still do design work when a client requires a unique decoration such as Menorah decor candle holders to fit a building, program. Over the years, we have also advised our customers to assure them success in unusual installation or choosing the right lighting and how to run the electrical power need. We also provide candle conversion kits to help enhance your home decor.

Popular till date, traditional holiday displays are made with powder-coated steel, C-7 lighting, and with or without garland. Most holiday displays comprise LED lighting contrary to incandescent lighting. Our upscale display designs include a combination of LED rope lighting, LED mini-lighting, and glitter to take holiday displays into the 21st century....

Animated displays generally come in the standard 2+ steps. But by using computerized lighting systems, we offer displays or giant trees that can be controlled by a DMX system or an APP that you can download on your smartphone. 

As fiber glass displays continue to rise in popularity, their designs are getting more upscale. We work with an excellent manufacturer in China that produces any fiber glass design at a competitive price.

Our giant commercial trees are another trending product. As mentioned previously, they can be programmed to change colors and keep beat to music using a computer or smartphone. 

Giant artificial trees can acquire a symmetrically perfect shape. If you live in a city, you no longer have to take phone calls from citizens trying to donate their evergreen trees to your holiday program. Also, the danger of a freshly cut tree falling on someone is eliminated. Today’s artificial trees come in sections that can be easily installed by a city crew or a full service company.

Still the most popular choice, garland giant trees now have newer upscale designs. These trees use a combination of fine cut colored garlands and glitter applications.

Whether you need a 24” wreath or the one as big as 12 foot in diameter, we can help you with the best in frame work, garland, and lighting. In need of a commercial giant bow? Our structural bows maintain their shape even in the worst of weather conditions.

Our garland can be ordered in 20 foot sections, ideal for street pole wraps. They come in a large array of colors and base materials. If you require quality standard garland for swagging along a roof line, fence or gazebo, we have quality evergreen garland in a 14” and 24” wide, 9 foot long section, with or without LED lighting.


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In September 1988, I started Nida Lighting as a full-service Holiday Lighting company. Our main clientele were homeowners in the Columbus, Ohio area. I had bought a franchise from a California based company and I can tell you that hanging lighting in the Midwest and Southern California is not the same. Nor would I find out, at my expense, you cannot decorate homes starting at $139.00 per installation.

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