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Different Ways To Use Commercial Curtain Lights


Putting up lights to celebrate festivals and special occasions is the fastest and easiest way to decorate an entire venue. They're neat, easy to handle and store, and can be recycled multiple times with little to no maintenance. The lights come in various designs and colors to best suit the mood.

Communities worldwide have been lighting up ceremonies and traditions before electricity was invented. Bonfires, oil lamps, candles, and now electrical or battery-operated lights, the journey of illuminating a space to celebrate, can be traced back to the beginning of time.

In present times, curtain lights are great for creating custom backdrops, dressing up entire walls or buildings, or simply adorning your balcony and windows. Depending on the length, color, and type of bulb chosen, curtain lights can add a touch of glamor or merely brighten up any occasion.

You might know of curtain lights as a string or fairy lights that can easily be placed anywhere indoors. But for larger venues or events, people prefer putting up large commercial curtain lights that are suitably waterproof for outdoor décor.

Why Purchase Commercial Curtain Lights

Long-lasting and ideal for outdoor use, commercial-grade lighting is designed to be durable and can withstand weathering. They're a reliable option for long-term outdoor installations on many occasions. Some of the main design features that set them apart include:

  • Commercial grade cords have weatherproof sockets made from PVC that encase the bulb tightly to prevent damage from water and moisture. This feature is critical in lights that are hung out for longer, like open-air Christmas trees or festive décor outside malls.
  • The wires are thick and heavy duty which provides for better gauge wiring. Thicker wire leaves room for safety, flexibility, and expandability, which is efficient for prolonged usage.
  • They're also available with LED bulbs, which are more energy-efficient than fluorescent filaments.

How To Creatively Use Commercial Curtain Lights

You don't have to wait for an outdoor event on a large scale to purchase these veiled lights. Intimate celebrations in your backyard could be one of the many small-scale occasions to put-up these giant lights. Here are some suggestions:

1. Patio

Convert your humble patio into a magical evening by installing a string of curtain lights under the roof. You can connect multiple lines or weave them around the primary one to create an illusion of a night full of stars. Ideal for any gathering or a romantic dinner date too!

2. Gazebo

Dress up a garden gazebo by draping a string, or two, around the structure. It'll instantly uplift the décor. It's a great focal point to create, so don't hesitate to switch it up and add color variations.

3. Canopy

If you have ample backyard space, spread out and hang an entire string of curtain lights like a canopy. It's a great way to utilize the whole area with minimal additions. The ideal solution would be to connect five 16 ft wide Nida Lighting Curtain Lights. It'll span the lawn for nearly 100 ft!

If you have a pool or an open patio deck, stretch the lights to the areas to connect the décor and create a glitzy night to remember. Be sure to pick the right light color that befits the theme.

4. Movie Night

An outdoor movie experience is a fun way to utilize these lights. Creating an inviting ambiance that imitates the bright lights of a matinee is a unique suggestion. But the beauty of the curtain light is that it can be spread apart and shaped into any pattern. Drape it around the screen or hang it around the perimeter, like little dew drops.

Our commercial Curtain Lights will make any place look spectacular. They're nearly 17 feet wide with over 9-foot-long drops that can easily drape a large perimeter. You can even connect multiple strings to cover larger areas. Get yours today!

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