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When you hear the words Commercial grade you normally think the product being mentioned is made better and built to last. We, at Nida Lighting, take those thoughts to heart. Our commercial grade light strands are made to last. The wiring on these fixtures and the sockets are a few grades above the average light stand or light fixtures on the market in the Specialty lighting and Holiday lighting industry. Our commercial grade light strands are 16 gauge rated. The sockets or of Edison or better quality and the strands have a rubber lip on them to seal out the moisture. Our globe light strands come with an accordion wiring that can expand up to 5 feet between the globes. The Globe light has a porcelain socket and the globes are made to take the changes in the season. The best patio light set is properly named. This patio strand has a 14 gauge wire with a copper shade. Ideal for restaurant patios and locations where the elements can play havoc with the outside lighting.

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In September 1988, I started Nida Lighting as a full-service Holiday Lighting company. Our main clientele were homeowners in the Columbus, Ohio area. I had bought a franchise from a California based company and I can tell you that hanging lighting in the Midwest and Southern California is not the same. Nor would I find out, at my expense, you cannot decorate homes starting at $139.00 per installation.

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