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In September 1988, I started Nida Lighting as a full-service Holiday Lighting company. Our main clientele were homeowners in the Columbus, Ohio area. I had bought a franchise from a California based company and I can tell you that hanging lighting in the Midwest and Southern California is not the same. Nor would I find out, at my expense, you cannot decorate homes starting at $139.00 per installation.

Nida Lighting survived that ordeal and after parting ways with that franchise, we moved to larger home installations and businesses. At one time, we installed holiday lights on most buildings in Dresden, Ohio owned by Dave Longaberger. Dave was the founder of Longaberger Basket Company and he owned most buildings in this quaint little town that was lost in the ’50s. Another major installations client was Children’s Hospital in Columbus....

Working in the rain all day to complete the lighting for Children’s Hospital lighting ceremony or taking down installation on an upscale fitness center in 3-degree weather with snow drifts up to my waist was not fond memories but a part of the business. In other words, I certainly have a wealth of experience in holiday lighting and installation. I also advise individuals on how to install holiday light & displays.

We gradually moved from a full-service holiday and decorative lights company to representing a commercial holiday display company and selling their displays to creating custom designs to eventually manufacturing our own display.

We no longer manufacturer holiday displays. We represent several commercial US Holiday Display companies and work with 3 Chinese companies for displays such as oversized Fiberglass holiday displays and giant unique holiday displays. With 31 years of experience, we have established relationships with the best individuals and companies in the industry. We also have been working with one of the best street banner companies in the banner industry for over 25 years.

Lighting has changed over the years. When we started, almost everything was incandescent lighting. NOW almost all holiday & decorative indoor lights are LED. There are differences in the various LED lights and the spacing of the Led lighting on a strand can vary. Which is the best LED light or the best spacing on an LED light strand for my application? Should I use a cool white LED or warm white LED bulbs? Why is this strand so much cheaper than everyone else’s strand? We can explain that to you as well

We aren’t the largest company in the industry but we have remained in the Holiday Lighting and Display industry by building business relationships with people. Whether it’s a manufacturer we work with or a city we have worked in for years or a full-service holiday lighting company we’ve helped to grow, or a dentist in Nebraska who loves to decorate his home for the holidays with decorative indoor lights, our relationships have remained strong.

What Nida Lighting offers is top of the line services and free advice. We stand behind the quality of the lighting and displays we represent, from holiday displays to decorative indoor string lights, and work tirelessly to establish and maintain your trust. Our website has over 500 products listed but we also can supply just about any holiday, specialty lighting product you may need.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you or your organization or city.

Dean Nida, President
Dean Nida & Associates, LLC
Nida Lighting

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