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With over 25 years of industry experience, we have continued to develop engaging banners with constant upgrades to technology and design formats. 

We understand that a banner should be a head turner to effectively promote your brand or event or city. And keeping this in mind, we use our modern printing technology to print compelling ideas on almost anything suitable.

Earlier, digital banners were printed strictly on vinyl BUT now we can digitally print them on Poly Canvas as well. This enables us to get the canvas look that grabs eyes and the ability to create just about any design like custom vinyl banner signs....

Main street banners, Avenue banners or custom Street pole banners add information and spruce up shopping centers (if installed inside and outside), municipalities, schools, and organizations. What’s more, they are also used for announcements of activities, festivals, events, and more. 

Our banners are available in the categories of:

  • Spring & Summer banner
  • Autumn-Fall
  • Winter & Holidays
  • All Season
  • Patriotic & Flag
  • School & College 

We offer junior size banners that work brilliantly with small street light poles as well as regular size ones ranging from 60 inches to 84 inches in length. 

Our banner brackets vary in construction depending on the usage and wind exposure. Our most popular standard Windsaver banner comes in both a single and double banner set up. The armatures are made of fiberglass and are .812 inches in diameter and can be used with banners up to 72 inches in length.

Our Banner Master bracket - made specifically for heavy wind loads - can be used in a single or double banner set.

The NEW Banner Flex Airow Bracket has a milled & tapered fiberglass rod which can withstand even higher wind force than any other bracket system available. We also produce custom bracket armatures for any banner dimensions.

Our outdoor banner signs are a great alternative to pole mount Holiday decoration on street poles during Christmas. Just add a colorful commercial garland pole wrap and the street poles come to life. 

When the Holidays are over, you have the brackets in place, which enables you to take the outdoor flag banner signs program to another program such as promoting an activity, small businesses, or the changing of seasons and announcement of new holidays such as the 4th of July.


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In September 1988, I started Nida Lighting as a full-service Holiday Lighting company. Our main clientele were homeowners in the Columbus, Ohio area. I had bought a franchise from a California based company and I can tell you that hanging lighting in the Midwest and Southern California is not the same. Nor would I find out, at my expense, you cannot decorate homes starting at $139.00 per installation.

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