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What Are the Best Landscape Light Fixtures to Use


What are the best landscape light fixtures to use? What I have always tried to do in selecting fixtures is to use the best fixture that will be architecturally pleasing and yet of the best quality and performance for the application and investment. User friendliness is also a very important aspect.

Architectural pleasing is subjected in most cases. Where it might not be as important would be if you are expanding an existing lighting program and want to match the new fixtures with the existing lighting fixtures. Otherwise you want a fixture that blends in with existing landscape, fits the application and is of good quality.
Best quality and performance is extremely important in the decision making. How long will that fixture last for the geographical location? Is the fixture built with quality rubber/plastic gaskets to seal out moisture and water? I don’t know of any area in the US where weather is not a factor. Whether it is in a Northern location where the fixture is subject to snow, constant rain, temperature swings to Southern locations where extremely heat and salt in the air can affect the life of the fixture.

How is the fixture made? Today you have most fixtures built with power coated Cast Aluminum, cast brass and Composites. Composites (plastics) were recommended in areas where water and in particular salt water could erode an aluminum fixture very quickly. Now the cast brass fixture is replacing composite and these fixtures are tanks. They can take all weather elements and made to last for extended period. Cast aluminum is still popular and although it will not last the life of a cast brass fixture it has a price point that still makes it a viable alternative to the cast brass. Remember the seals are important on all landscape fixtures.

User friendly? What are you talking about? Unless you have a company that will service your landscape lighting system you should take into consideration how easy is it to open the fixture and replace the lamp inside. There is a variation on how easy these fixtures are to work with so take the time to see how easy it is to open the light , replace the lamp and clean and maintain the fixture thus extending the life of your investment in the landscape lighting program you have purchased.

We have not recommended a particular fixture or manufacturer for your applications because every landscape and every desired result is subjected but we can certainly help you in your considerations.

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