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Strand Lights used for outdoor patios


When you hear people talking about patio lighting they many will use the term “globe lighting”. Globe light is actually more about the bulb or the cover over a socket on a strand of lights.

Globe Lights---We do carry globe lighting and theses strands are commercially made to be used outside. UP rated and IP65 rated for wet locations, the strand can be custom made with a straight wire in black or white. They also come in an expandable accordion style which allows you to customize your spacing on the lights. The stock strands are either 6 globes or 10 globes with a variety of style of globes in various colors. You can check out these strands on our website, www.nidalighting.com.

Why chose this strand?

  • You can change the globe on the strand to create various looks or atmospheres.
  • The globe protects the porcelain sockets on the inside and thus extending the life of the strand and the bulb on the inside.
  • The globes are replaceable if needed to be replaced.
  • The cord is 16-2 in size.
  • You can use up to a 60 watt bulb in the strand sockets which other strands would not be rated for that much wattage.
  • They are fun!
  • The globes are 6 inches wide.
  • If you have bird issues, the globes protect the bulbs from insects and birds.
  • Globes covering the sockets make them safer in a public place.

Commercial Grade Light Strands—This strand is often referred to as globe light strands. They’re not! They are a heavy duty commercial grand strand with various socket sizes and socket spacing. The sockets are molded on to the strand. The strands come in white , green and black. The two most popular strands in the commercial grade light strands are the intermediate based and the medium based strands. They also come in the candelabra base as well. The spacing and wattage maximum are:

  • Candelabra base--12 inch spacing and sockets rated for maximum of 10 watts.
  • Intermediate base--15 inch spacing and sockets rated for a maximum of 10 watts.
  • Medium base—24 inch spacing and the sockets rated for a maximum of 25 watts.

The medium base strand also comes in a strand with the sockets suspended about 3 inches. This style is very popular which I really don’t understand. They are not made for shades and the only reason I would buy them is if I were going to attach Chinese paper lanterns on them for a party or event.

The commercial grade light strand is not a Christmas light strand. This strand has a socket that better than an Edison socket and the lip of the socket has a built-in rubber lip to keep moisture out. The black strands have UV inhibitors in the strand to increase the longevity of the strands outdoor.

This intermediate and the candelabra strands can use the standard C-7 and C-9 bulbs in them. (LED or Incandescent) As well as G globe bulbs. Using a G30 to G50 style bulb gives you the “globe light” look.

As I mentioned before “these are not Christmas light strands. They are meant to be installed outside and left up. I suggest that you use an “airplane cable” as a guide wire to pull the strands straighter and to take the stress off of the electrical connections. The strands can be heavy and pull downward because of the weight.

Summary: Each style of Light strand is unique and whether you prefer the globe light strand or commercial grade light strand both are made to last. Check out both styles of lighting on our website, www.nidalighting.com, or call us at 800-761-6432 to discuss the project you are considering using light strands for.

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