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Single Trunk Trees VS Frame Trees


Once you pass a certain height you should consider using a frame tree instead of a tree with a single trunk system. All smaller trees up to a height of approximately 11 feet are going to be a single trunk tree. My experience over the past 32 years is that as a single trunk tree grows in height the ability for the tree to stay straight/erect without leaning becomes harder and harder. This can be controlled if you run guide wires from the top but not all locations have that ability. Another factor in using a single trunk tree is that they are not really made for outside use and lack the weight in the base to withstand the effects of wind.

So when should we consider changing to a frame tree? If it is going outside and the tree is 11.5 feet in height or higher, you should use a frame tree.

What are the advantages of the frame tree. First you can stabilize this tree much easier and can hide the process you used the stabilize the tree on the inside of the tree. The tree frame along with the branching will add additional weight to the base to help stabilize the tree. The branching can be replaced if it will not light or gets destroyed over the years. This is especially important when it comes to getting the exact lighting on each branch and the tree.

As the size of the tree grows the breakdown and storage of the tree becomes an issue. With the frame trees, the framing and be stored side by side and the branches go into boxes that can be sealed off until the next season.

Last, most frame trees can be grown from Season to season in 2 foot increments. You if you can’t initially afford a 30 foot tree. You could order a 20 foot and continue to add to the height of that tree from season to season as the budget allows. You will not be able to do this with a single trunk tree.

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