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Learn More About Giant Trees

Learn More About Giant Trees

Giant artificial trees are becoming the benchmark of cities and organizations throughout the US during the holidays. In the past, many have stayed away from using these trees because of the power consumption needed to light the incandescent giant tree. 

With the introduction of LED lighting, the power needed to light these trees has been reduced to 1/7 of the incandescent giant tree.

Artificial VS. Cut Tree

Pros of the Artificial Tree


  • Can increase the size of the tree from year to year

Visual Appearance:

  • Even disbursement of the lighting on the tree
  • Symmetrical tree
  • The power cords are easily hidden inside the tree
  • Anchoring of the tree can be done from inside the tree
  • Consistency to the beauty of the tree.

Repair and Safety:

  • Lighting goes on by branch and can be removed for repair easily
  • The liabilities exposer and dangers are reduced

Cons of an Artificial Tree

  • Large up front investment
  • You will need a secured storage area

Pros of a Cut Tree


  • Size of tree can vary from year to year


  • Initial expenses are less


  • Tradition of using a cut tree

Cons of a Cut Tree

  • The larger the tree the more flaws in the tree
  • Installation and removal of the tree will need a crane
  • Instability of the tree during and after installation (liability issue)
  • Year to year variable installation cost.
  • Lighting must be added and removed each year.
  • You have a very large tree to dispose of after the Season.
  • Constant calls from citizens wanting to donate their tree

Installation of a Giant Tree


A giant tree goes up in sections, with the sections normally 2 to 3 foot in height. The frames of the tree goes up first and then the branching is added. Branching can be added to the lower sections while the frame is built upward.
You will need a boom lift to add the top sections to the tree.

The frame has electrical outlets lining the inside of the frame and as the branches are inserted into mounting holes the electrical power cord from the branch is plugged into the outlets along the frame.

The electrical main cords on the tree are dropped down the inside of the tree.Various method of anchoring the trees have been used from drilled set anchors, road barriers set inside the tree to water barrels used.

Installation Cost

Installation provided by “Light-up Columbus”
Cost include:

  • Rental of lift for installation and removal
  • Fluffing of branches
  • Erection of tree
  • Removal of the tree
  • Running the electrical lines to provided power.
  • Installing any décor that is provided and already attached to the branching.
  • Cost of installation: $14,000 (cost will be reduced if an agreed upon 3 year contract)
  • Discount for 3 years is 10%

Note: 150MM various colored balls to decorate the tree the first year would cost approximately $2,500


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